Faculty of Economics and Business, Udayana University (FEB UNUD)

The Faculty of Economics and Business - Udayana University (FEB UNUD) provides students with economic theories and practical knowledge and prepares them to be experts in public and private sectors. It has outstanding facilities which include cyber campus that provides educational information access through email or phone short messages, bank, library, stock exchange, job vacancies, etc.
Department of Developmental Economics
This program is designed to provide students with basic economic principles and the ability to apply this knowledge to evaluate and formulate economic policy.
Department of Management
Focus on general management skills and knowledge of the function and processes of an organization. Study includes human resources management, organization and leadership.
Department of Accounting
Teaches the process of keeping and verifying accounts, and problem solving with regard to financial records and performance.

Website: http://www.fe.unud.ac.id/ind/

The Indonesian Regional Science Association (IRSA)

Indonesian Regional Science Association (IRSA)
The Indonesia Regional Science Association, or IRSA, is an association established to promote communication and discourse among regional scientists. Started in 1998, IRSA has organized 11 annual conferences and 4 biannual institute in collaboration with its university partner across Indonesia.

Website: www.irsa-indonesia.org

Ministry of National Development Planning / BAPPENAS

Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University
Ministry of National Development Planning / BAPPENAS is responsible for assisting the President in formulating policy and coordination over the field of development planning. BAPPENAS is responsible for: Preparation of the long-term national development plan (National RPJP); Translation of the Vision, Mission, and President of the Work Program into the national medium-term development plan; Preparation of the government work plan (RKP); Coordination, formulation, and assessment of national development planning; Support the preparation of the National Budget.

Website: www.bappenas.go.id

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University
Since its founding in 1966, ADB has been driven by an inspiration and dedication to improving people’s lives in Asia and the Pacific. By targeting its investments wisely, in partnership with our developing member countries and other stakeholders, ADB can alleviate poverty and help create a world in which everyone can share in the benefits of sustained and inclusive growth. Economists, sociologists, engineers, gender experts and environmental scientists are among the hundreds of professions at the bank working together to reduce poverty, and ensure growth across the Asia and Pacific region is sustainable and inclusive.

Website: www.adb.org/indonesia

Australian National University - Indonesia Project


ANU Indonesia Project is a leading international centre of research and graduate training on the economy of Indonesia, outside Indonesa, and the forefront of Indonesian studies in Australia and worldwide.

Website: https://crawford.anu.edu.au/acde/ip/

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